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Discovering Mold Damage in Your Spokane Home and What We Can Do to Help

7/7/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO, Not Bleach, Is the Answer to Mold Cleanup in Spokane

SERVPRO Utilizes Varying Methodologies for Mold Remediation in Your Spokane Property

Most people have heard about mold and how it can affect homes in damaging ways, but sometimes what has been circulated by social media or other sources is incorrect of exaggerated. One myth that has propagated online is that mold is only a problem if it is black in color. The fact is that all mold can cause damage to your home, regardless of the color, and many types of mold have the potential also to cause health effects in people.
Residents in Spokane who have mold damage in their home should not panic. Finding mold does not mean that you need to move. The professional technicians at SERVPRO are highly experienced and trained according to standards set by the IICRC, giving them the ability to remediate your mold situation effectively. This brings up another point that you may have heard. Mold cannot be eliminated from your home, only remediated. This is true.
Remediation puts mold back into a normal state. However, mold can never be entirely removed because the fungi have many pathways to re-enter your home and spores are present, even in minute amounts. Excess water and moisture need to be eliminated to mitigate the chances of reinfestations.
Water, one of mold's needs, must be eliminated from the environment in your home. Water should be in the tub, your sinks, and your pets' water bowls, and no other location. Even a small drip is enough to let mold grow and cause substantial damage to your residence. Another myth is that mold can be destroyed by using bleach.
Bleach that you buy at the grocery store is mostly water, the very thing needed by mold. The bleach can make it seem as if the mold is gone, but this is only because of the bleach's color-destroying properties. The bleach never penetrates into the material being cleaned of mold, remaining on the surface. The water, however, finds its way in, then slowly evaporates, giving the mold the nourishment needed to 'return' again. Mold is never actually removed with this method.
What SERVPRO can do to combat mold and any damage may seem complicated, but it is based on very sound science. There are many steps involved, and these measures begin with stopping any water from being where it should not exist. We use moisture meters and humidity detectors to locate areas that are higher in moisture than they should be by comparing readings from one area to another one inside your home. We trace these spaces back to the water's source and stop it from coming in anymore. Installing a dehumidifier when the source of water in your home includes the basement's floor is highly recommended, and we can assist you with this, also.
Then we begin to remove materials that are not salvageable, and quickly replace them. Locations in your home that are not damaged are cleaned. Both types of areas are treated with a mold inhibitor, a very strong preventative measure that is safe around both children and pets once dry. Fungicides, of industrial strength, when applied properly, do kill mold colonies.
Because mold travels by air, heavy duty commercial grade HEPA air filters called air scrubbers are used to filter the air, trapping any mold particles or spores that pass through. When mold damage has created a stagnant odor, we also perform deodorization techniques. These can fall into two groups – agents that change the dominant scent in a room, and neutralizing techniques that remove the minuscule particles that are the cause of the odor.
SERVPRO of Northwest Spokane is your local source for mold damage restoration and remediation. We know you love your home and can help you restore it to the state it should be in, healthy and safe, so that your family can live there worry-free. Call us for answers to your questions. Our number, (509) 487-4700, is answered 24/7, so there is no reason to hesitate to call.

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